Computools Review

My company has paid Computools over $45,000 for 5 webpages that still don’t work and suffered over $150,000 in losses due to Computools incompetence.


I hired a backend Java coder employed by Computools over two years ago. He has done a good job.


So, when I had a new project that related to the server, I hired Computools to write the custom code for a few WIX pages.


I provided Computools with the Wix pages with the UI already done and explicit instructions on how the pages should work.


The concept was not that hard, and the coding should have taken about 2 months to complete and another month to polish. It is now 7 months later, and 3 of the 5 web pages still have catastrophic bugs.


The code Computools wrote was done so unprofessionally with not a single line of comment or documentation that even after 6 and a half months none of the primary pages have ever worked properly. Months and months of time was spent chasing bugs only to have the fix cause more bugs.


Computools repeatedly mislead me to believe the problems were problems on the WIX site.


After 6 and a half months Computools fired me as a client effectively leaving me with a website that did not work and code that was incomprehensible. I hired 4 professional coders to work a total of 24 hours a day to try and at least temporarily fix the website enough to have at least basic functionality working in time for the new year’s resolution fitness resolution buying time. They worked on it for 14 days straight and could not fix all the bugs with three of the 5 pages still not performing basic functionality. I paid Computools $45,000 so far for these pages, plus another $10,000 to the professionals I hired to try and temporarily fix the site, and put in at least a 1000 hours of my own time bug testing and Skype chatting with the programmers and project manager to try and get the project done on time.


It is now Dec 31 and we will miss the biggest days to market fitness products. I will have to start completely over and rewrite the website from scratch. My losses from Computools incompetence have caused losses to my company in excess of $150,000.


Here are the reviews written by the programmers I hired along with samples of the code they wrote.

Hi Brad,

I started working on lets-sync (Wix), in my 7.5 years of experience I have never seen this type of code quality.

Following are the standards which are not maintained

1. Comments on Code: I can see in code that there is no Single Comment, it is hard to understand for other developer if we won’t provide comment, Please see below code there is no Single comment and it is complex too.

2. Written Complex Code and not provided any documentation

3. There are some Dead code and commented code:

4. There are lots of Bug. If we click on 1 button and click on other button 1st button it stops working

5. There are no Spinner when data loading

Following Code Guide line should be followed:

  • • Coding Standard should be maintain

  • • Proper comment on each block

  • • Code should not be complex

  • • Proper documents should be maintain

  • • Code should be Bug Free



Ankit Jain,

Tech Lead

To Whom It May Concern:

     I was hired by Brad to help him fix some issues he was having with his site The first page I had to work on was the class build page under Yoga menu. I noticed that the coders did not name the buttons. There was button#1 - # 6. It almost seemed as if that did not want to name the buttons to confuse the person that they were building the site for. Could this have been a way to keep the customer a customer? All good coders know that you name things which make sense on what they do, so that when the next person comes along it easier to know what the button does or the purpose the function. When coder do this, it is just being lazy, or it is to keep the customer in the dark. I am a freelancer and even though it would be great to keep a customer a customer all the time it is wrong to do so. I feel like this can give other freelancers a bad rep and it is already hard enough to make it is on your own. Please consider refunding Brad his money.

Thank you

Dustin Cox

Full Stack Engineer