What is Dance Fitness?


Dance Fitness is moving in natural freeform ways to upbeat, make you want to move music


Classes are generally held outside in parks, at beaches, in backyards,  in a meadow or almost anywhere


Classes can be for all levels simultaneously, dancers move to their own level of ability putting in as much or as little effort as their abilities allow


The Let's Sync Mobile App syncs the audio across smartphones so everyone hears the music to the same beat


Dance Leaders organize events as a business. The App allows Dance leaders to charge for events from the Mobile App. Participants pay for the event using a credit card when they sign up for the event


It is a fun, healthy, upbeat, community building business that requires no investment. Just choose a location, create an event on the App, invite your friends, post to social media, put up fliers and you're in business. What could be easier? No risk, no investment, and you are in the greatest business ever.


Signup on our Contact page and let us know you are interested in becoming a dance leader and we will help you in any way possible. Include your phone number and we can organize a phone consultation to answer any of your questions and perhaps give you some suggestions. Write to us at 


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Get out of the box

   and make this your new gym

Let's Sync is an App that is on your mobile phone

It syncs audio across smartphones


A Leader creates an event on the Let's Sync App

Participants join the event


The Leader presses the play button and everyone that signed up 

for the event hears the music at the same time.


Participants use headsets attached to their phones to dance

in nature without disturbing the surroundings

Technology that brings people together

Let's Sync


Dance, a better way to Fitness

Get out and enjoy nature, bond with friends new and old

Earn extra money as a Dance Leader

Promote a healthy lifestyle


Yourself healthy

Download the app now and live to your full potential


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