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Let's Sync FAQs

  • Can I change the server later to another one that I have signed up for on the app?

Yes, you can change servers by going into your profile and logging off. There is a button on the top of the page to do this. Then sign in with a new server. You will have to sign-up again as the servers do not share profile information.


  • Can I change my profile on the app?

Yes, you can click on profile in the app and make changes whenever you like.  


  • Can you use the app offline?

No, it needs to be connected to the internet, either through WIFI or Data on your cell phone.


  • Who is my mentor?

We have different mentors some of them with extensive event organizing skills. All mentors have a lot of experience and will be happy to help you get started.


  • What will the mentor help me with?

Your mentor will help you from A-Z to help you start your first event and create your business. They will help you if you need to get a permit or insurance and help you with marketing. Having a mentor is a wonderful way to get started, It is like having a life coach. Benefit from their experience and get friendly advice and emotional support and encouragement to help you get started. 


  • How many times can I reach out to my mentor?

As many times as necessary within reason.


  • Can I choose the location for the event by myself?

Yes, this is all up to you. Your mentor will help you select the best location given the size of the event you want to organize. Often, as long as your event is smaller than 20 people, most public places allow events without a permit, but best to check anyway.


  • Are there any restrictions for a location?

No, you can create an event wherever your imagination can conceive of. With Lets-Sync we focus on outdoor dance/fitness, but your events can be anything you want to create and anywhere you find to have them.


  • Do I need a dance teacher license?

No this is not necessary. You can join us without a dance teacher license.


  • What is the minimum and maximum number of people for a class?

You can make it as big as you like. There may be physical restraints such as available bandwidth on your local cell tower or if you are planning an event with more than 7000 people, our server might need to be upgraded to accommodate your event size. Please contact us for extra-large events.


  • How much can I charge for a class per person?

This is something you can decide yourself, make sure to look at your market to see what is reasonable. Generally, dance fitness events range from $20 to $8 per person depending on your local economy. In less developed economies, $3 to $8 is generally acceptable.


  • How much commission will I pay per person to Let’s Sync for events I charge for?

We charge a 20% commission on whatever you charge for your event. 

PLEASE NOTE!  Apple and Google charge 15% if your clients purchase an event through the Let's Sync App. We add an extra 17.65% to the Profit per Participant to cover Apple's and Google's commission. Your customers can save the 17.65% by paying for their events on our website.


  • Can I promote my events on social media?

Yes, you can find your own way to get sales and you can do this via social media. There is a section on the website with photos, flier materials and videos you can download and use.


  • Do I need to organize a minimum of events per month?

No, this is up to you. The more you organize the more you earn.


  • How can I delete the event?

You can delete an event by going to My Events on the App and clicking the delete button.


  • How can I modify an event?

To Modify an event, it is best to create a new event and delete the old event. No one will be charged for the old event.


  • When creating an event how can I find it again in the app?

You will be able to find it under MY Events in the app.


  • Can I invite people myself via the app for my event?

The best way to invite people is by calling them, texting them or through social media. You can provide them with a link to the app in the app store and tell them the name of the event and the date and time. There are lots of materials for creating social media posts, flyers, and emails in the downloadable media section of this website


  • Is there a sharable link from my event on the app to share on social media?


The best way to share the event is by providing them the name of the event you created and providing them with the name of the app.  There is a link to the app page in the app stores in the downloadable media section of this website.


  • Can I contact people that are joining my event via the app?

If you charge for your event, after the event, you can request the email addresses of the people that attended your event. Prior to the event, there is no way to know who has signed up for the event via the app. Please ask people to respond to your invite via email or some other method so you know who will be coming.


  • Can I put the link to download the app on my website / social media platforms?

Yes, please. We would be very happy when you do.

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