Teacher Check List

Steps for teachers


  1. Open Let’s Sync website and go to the yoga menu page.    Let's Sync Yoga Menu

  2. Click to the right of the Logo to open the Let’s Sync Dev Menu.

  3. Type in the password. “Brad12”

  4. From the Dev menu Open the Video Recorder, Yoga Video Library, Student Records Pages

  5. If you have not added yourself to the teacher's list, do so now by opening the Yoga Video Add Teachers page.

  6. Click on the Yoga Video Library tab and select your name from the dropdown teacher menu.

  7. Here you will find a list of all the students and your teacher videos newest to oldest.

  8. Select a video you have not already annotated and click play.

  9. On the bottom right of the screen click on the full-screen display button.

  10.  Watch the first few seconds of the video to see if the student spoke to you prior to starting the class.

  11. Scrub through the video and select Asanas that the student needs help with pause and then take a screenshot. Annotate the screenshot. Try double-clicking the Ctrl key twice to activate speech to text. It is a lot faster than typing.

  12. Save the screenshot with an easy-to-recognize name. Have all your screenshots save to a screenshot folder for easy retrieval and deleting.

  13. Look at the end of the video for any messages the student might leave you.

  14. After annotating 5 to 10 screenshots, Look at the end of the video for any messages the student might have left you.

  15. Click the Record Video tab. Record a video talking to your student. Be cheerful, encouraging, and supportive. Take some time to demonstrate some of the postures the student is having trouble with, talk about the next class you will be creating for them and what you want them to work on. Maybe talk about diet, sleep, meditation, whatever you feel the student could benefit from.

  16. Before ending the video, if we are having any retreats, please mention them. Mention that the student can invite friends to come and join them for free and do the class with them in sync. And tell them about any specials we are offering.

  17. Click on the student records tab.

  18. Select yourself in the teacher drop-down, Select the student in the Student dropdown. Write anything pertinent in the injuries, Student Goals, Video observations columns

  19. Copy the link for the teacher Video you recorded from the Yoga Video Library Tab and paste it on the Student Records page, Copy the link from the Students Video that they sent you and paste it.

  20. Upload up to 10 screenshots in the 1 to 10 screenshots and if you have more screenshots upload them in the 11 – 20 screenshots.

  21. Once the buttons turn blue again and all the screenshots have been uploaded, click the upload button.

  22. Then click the email button.

  23. Open the Class builder page, you can click the link that says open in a new tab, it will save you from opening it again for the next student.

  24. Use a previously saved class or build a new class from scratch. Add music, then click send start button to the student.

  25. Choose the server where your student lives

  26. Create a name for the class in this format “Students Name – Date. Use this format (year, month, day). 2021-11-7”

  27. Charge $20.83 for the class

  28. Change the event date to one month from today.

  29. Then click create an event.

  30. Return to the Yoga Video Library, choose the next video and repeat the process.

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