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What it's like

Being a

Dance Leader



There is a magic when dancing amongst the trees


Among your fellow dancers that show up in all weather and dance their hearts out


You won't find it in a gym or a club


Put your headset on and your perception changes 


You are inward and outward,  self-aware and together 


Alive and celebrating life, bonding with friends, new,

old, and soon to be


You made it happen and you are Loved for doing so


When the music ends, endorphins coursing through your veins, you once again hear the sound of  the nature around you,  and you realize, 


you will never be the same again





Be a Dance Leader

Six reasons to become a Dance Leader

1.  Do something good for the world

How Being a Dance Leader Works

The Alchemy of a Sync 


Fresh air, Fitness, Friends, and Community


Being the dance leader, you facilitate the bringing of people together, you ensure their safety, and craft their experiences


Being the dance leader, you get to put the full extent of your creativity to work


Be creative and find beautiful and  fun locations for your events


Some ideas to get you thinking: 


How about a fundraiser for a worthy cause


A night dance with dancers wearing LED lights


A prework dance in the crisp morning air


A midday lunch and Sync


And a thousand more possible ways to have fun, get fit and build Community  


Having a weekly Dance becomes an integral part of peoples lives, it is more than exercise, it becomes the meeting place for your community


Create the world and life you dream about


Become a Dance Leader




How Being a Dance Leade

The Business of being a Dance Leader

How the money works


You can make facilitating dance events as a business or host a one-time event


On the Let's Sync app you can charge for the events you create


Let's face it, you're putting in your time and effort to get people to come to the events and creating memorable experiences for them, you deserve to make money


You can use one of our professionally DJ'd playlists or you can upload your own music


The dance sets in our library are free. We continually add professionally curated music from around the world to the library so you always have fresh new music to choose from.


It is free to use the app. We charge 20% of what you charge for your event to cover our costs and make a small profit. 

PLEASE NOTE!  Apple and Google charge 15% if your clients purchase an event through the iOS App. We add an extra 15% to the price you charge to cover Apple's commission. Your customers can save the 15% by paying for their events on our website.


Money is collected through the app or on our website via a credit card. After the event, you will receive a PayPal payment sent to your email address with your profit once the credit card payments have cleared.

when creating an event we use profit per participant as the starting amount. Then we add 20% to cover our costs. If your participants pay on our website they would pay (your profit * 1.20) = participants cost. If your participants pay on the let's sync app we add another 17.65% . The formula looks like this (your profit * 1.20) * 1.1765 = participants cost.

Your participants can save 17.65% if they purchase your event from our website.


Congratulations you're in the best business in the world


How the money works

Dance, a better way to Fitness

Get out and enjoy nature, bond with friends new and old

Earn extra money as a Dance Leader

Promote a healthy lifestyle


Yourself healthy

Download the app now and live to your full potential


Download the Apple App

  Download the Android App 

Dance a better way to fitness
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