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Three easy steps to a successful event

Step 1
Choose a location

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Step 2
Create an Event

Step 3
Invite People

Technology that brings people together

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Choose a location
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Finding the best locations

What to look for


1. Look for a location with three bars or better Cellular reception


2. Flat ground with no holes or sticks. Bring a shovel to fill in holes and clear the sticks 


3. The location size should match the group size. Find intimate locations that fit the number of people. Not too big, not too small.


4.  Somewhere, where you will not be disturbing other people. Use your best judgment


5. Depending on the local laws, you might need to get a permit from the governing body to have a large event. Don't let this stop you, most often the officials like healthy activities like this and will do whatever they can to help you. If your group is less then 25 people you are probably OK without a permit, but better check to make sure.


6. Is there enough parking close by?


7. Shade for hot days and sun for cooler days


8. Find multiple locations for different seasons and weather

More tips for a successful dance

More Tips for finding great locations


8. Look for locations that have interesting features to dance on and around


9. Take care of the environment, choose locations with no environmental impact


10. Avoid locations that might have ticks, poison oak, poison ivy and other natural hazards


11. Know where the closest toilets are 


12. Try using Google Maps in the Satellite mode to find hidden locations that you did not know existed. You will be surprised at what you might find


14. Consider having a meal after your event. The social aspect of having a weekly dance is huge and will be what encourages people to come back week after week. Sharing a meal together after a dance is a wonderful way to build the community. Provide a meal, Potluck, or bring your own.


15. Put love into your events and you will get success and love in return


Creating an event is easy

First, find a location you like


Then fill out the information in the app 


Choose a playlist from the Library or upload your own music


Then click the "Next Button"​

When the music has been downloaded to your phone you are all ready. You can now close the app and wait until the time you chose for the event to begin. 

You can now market your event and invite friends. They will be able to join the event on their phones

When everyone has arrived you press Start in the app and the music starts playing for everyone.


Now all you have to do is dance and join in the fun

Create Event Page
Stream of life

Inviting people 

1. Connect and invite the people you already know. If you want people to come to your event, personally invite them. I have found a phone call gets the best results. Follow up with text messages prior to the event


2. Make regular posts on Social Media about the events. Post photos, videos, and interviews. Others just need to feel safe before they will come 


3. Let your enthusiasm be contagious


4. Try creative ways of inviting people. Send them a snail mail, put up fliers in unusual places, offer a (bring a friend) gift, etc. Be creative


5. Be consistent. Offer your dance workouts at a set time every week. This allows people to plan to be there


6. When people are coming to connect with their community you will have a business with loyal participants. Try providing a meal for an extra fee after the dance


7. Have fun, be creative, build your community. You will be loved for doing so

Tips for a Successful Dance

There are an infinite amount of ways you can create a dance. Here are some of the more important things to consider


1.  Find locations with good cell reception. 

        Not all locations have reception from all providers

        You will want three bars or better. Two will work          for a small group


2.  Request your dancer's signup and download the playlist on the App before they come to the event.


3.  Have extra phones and headsets. You can buy used iPhones online for about $100. If you are going to be doing this on a regular basis, you will want to have a few extras to share or rent


4. Find small locations for small groups and larger locations for larger groups


5. Make sure the locations are safe, no holes or sticks on the ground


6. Create your event on the App before advertising


7. Be creative, wow your dancers, and have fun!!!   

Tips for a successful Dance

Technical Tips

Technical Tips

Finding great locations

Use Google maps in the satellite mode to find hidden locations you might not have known about

Look for locations that are private or partially private


Have extra phones and headsets

Often new participants won't have a suitable phone or headset, have a few extras to share or rent

iPhones are superior in quality to Android phones. Look for refurbished iPhones to have a few extras


Set up a  battery operated 4G to WiFi router

Having Wifi at the dance location allows you to have extra phones and not pay for a provider for each phone. It is also good insurance in case your location is not covered by cell service by all providers

Here are the links to the products I use    Make sure to also order the 12-volt accessory I use the Powerstation PD and XL PD

What the app can do

Let's Sync is a mobile App that sync's audio across smartphones

Everyone hears the same music at the same time

Dance in nature without disturbing anyone

Get fit while having fun


Download the Apple App

  Download the Android App 

What the app can do
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