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Practicing Yoga
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Yoga Practice
Questions sheet for new students:
Yoga at Home

The First Chat Steps



  1. Open the New Student Profile page

  2. While chatting with them from the FB page, ask them if they would like to switch to a video call.

  3. Ask the new student to download the mobile app and sign up.

  4. Once they get to the event page, ask them to do the demo event.

  5. On the Student Profile page, Take notes as you talk with them.

  6. Follow the question list.


  1. Share your screen and build them their first class while they watch. Ask questions as you build the class and explain what you are doing and why and answer any questions that they have.

  2. Show them where they can find the Class you created on their phone.

  3. Show them how to pay for it on the Let’s Sync website.

  4. Have them book the class and pay for it. Stop when they get to the Join event page and have them shut the app. They are now ready to do their class whenever they have time.

  5. Explain that they first start the yoga practice then click the video icon to start recording the video. Have them send the video to you the teacher.

  6. Explain how they are to video themselves. Lighting, light direction and being able to see both ends of the mat. Phone should be about 3 meters or 10 feet away from the mat. Try to get a 45 degree angle to the camera.

  7. Explain how after they are done doing their yoga practice to talk to the video camera on their phone and send you a message.

  8. Have them open the email we sent them and show how there are videos for the Asanas if they don’t already know them.

  9. Explain that they can have friends or loved ones join them doing their class for free.

  10. Wish them a good practice and that you look forward to seeing their video.

  11. If they are a complete beginner and know nothing about yoga, we can offer them a $75 Zoom class that they do while you are watching on a zoom meeting. ( you get $55 for these classes) have them choose a time on your calendar.

  12. If they decide they don’t want to do the classes, you can offer them a subscription for only $15 a month where they can build their own classes.

  13. Remember that above all you are building a relationship with this person. Be helpful and encouraging. If in the end it is not for them, OK, let it go.

  14. I suspect that more than 50% of the people you get to a video meeting will buy their first class

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